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    Politician, Musician and Father
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Category: Politics

Views and news on political issues from my own viewpoint

The 2022 battle of the London Mayors

Lyndon B Johnson once said: “When the burdens of the presidency seem unusually heavy, I

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The Battle of the Buildings in London

The London Plan is making its final weary way through the desks of the Mayor

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The beautiful and damned

The local and national government fight to build more homes “The cool stone steps were

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Islands in the stream

“Beware of Gods, Communists and beautiful women,” said the Chancellor He was adored. Winchester College

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Hunt the Cummings: In Love and War, bid a Farewell to Arms

It was 10 p.m. The tumbler of whisky glimmered in the stark light of the

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To Have and Have Not

Crabs, Covid and the Art of War The seas of South Australia were warmed by

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For whom the bell tolls

Covid, Spain and the rise of the public sector The theatres lie dark. The streets

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Kyklos – The rise and fall of local democracy in a time of pandemic

It was Plato, in his book The Republic, who first proffered the notion of “Kyklos”,

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Is it time to scrap the London Plan?

In today’s politics, it is rare to hear plain-speaking. However, smothered beneath the all-encompassing story

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Boris, fleas and the need for a new constitution

Fleas are damned annoying. They jump like hell, itch like hell and, at the extreme,

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